My Job Applications Have Often Produced Rejection Emails!

05 Jan 2021

My job applications have often produced rejection emails. Below is the story of a recent one that has taught me a lot!

Having volunteered for various roles at the university, I believed, I have developed the required skills for a part-time Entrepreneurial Events Officer position. “Easy” echoed in my mind, as I was so confident I’d get the position, I didn’t even prepare for the interview!

The attached five screenshots below document my correspondence after getting the kind rejection letter. “How could I be rejected?” The job was tailored to my skills and professional journey. The interviewees’ explanation was that the successful candidates had slightly better communication skills.

I don’t share my experience to spread negative vibes. On the contrary, I am sharing with you the lessons I’ve learned from many rejections with pieces of advice that might be useful to some of you.


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